0.1mm and 0.1" high-precision measurement technology
We maintain products that consistently demonstrate high productivity even in demanding workplaces.
Topcon Technical Center will continue to provide outstanding technical capabilities and support our customers through our international service network.
This is the Topcon spirit, which has been passed down for 90 years.

Repair workshop introductionRepair workshop introduction

arrow_circle_rightService Network- Repair Center

Topcon Technical Center's repair network covers the whole country.
Repair technicians from your local TTC location will assist you quickly and courteously.
If you have an urgent problem, we're here to help.

FeaturesManufacturer's Repair Commitment

Feature 1
Collaborative support system Collaborative support system

A nationwide repair network and a support system that integrates information from design to after-sales services.

Feature 2
High precision/high quality High precision and quality

We help you maintain high precision and quality based on manufacturer and JSIMA standards.

Feature 3
always with our customers Always with our customers

We form lasting partnerships with our customers through prompt and courteous support.

Feature 4
Safety and trust Safety and trust

All Topcon products can be repaired in Japan with safe and reliable domestic repair.

Feature 5
High technical ability High technical expertise

The outstanding technical proficiency of our skilled, committed, and highly trained engineers has been cultivated through years of practice.

Our Quality Policy

We will continue to improve the quality of Topcon products and services from the customer's perspective and build lasting relationships of trust with our customers.

Quality systemQuality system

We continue to pursue consistent quality by envisioning the various on-site environments.

Supports EquipmentSupports Equipment

In training repair technicians, Topcon is committed to ensuring accurate transfer of technical expertise, uniform quality, and high technical fluency. In addition to in-house training, we also provide technician training for Affiliated repair stores.

Training of engineersTraining of engineers
Importance of periodic inspectionsImportance of periodic inspections

Importance of Periodic Inspections

Surveying instrument is highly durable when used in the expected environment, but unlike general precision measuring equipment, it is primarily intended for outdoor use.
As such, the measurement accuracy of the device may be affected by vibrations and shocks during transportation, various weather conditions, and other factors.
In order to get the best performance out of your surveying instrument,
we recommend periodic inspections once a year.

Importance of periodic inspections Importance of periodic inspections

Care Information

About maintenance


# If the product gets wet
If the instrument gets wet from rain or water droplets, be sure to wipe the moisture off thoroughly.
*Do not return the product to the storage case while it is wet.

# After using the instrument
Be sure to clean all parts of the instrument after use and before returning it to the storage case. Take particular care of the lens and glass parts. Use the included lens brush to remove any fine dust, then clean with a mixture of alcohol and ether. Alternatively, blow on the lens to fog it up, then wipe it gently with the included wiping cloth.

# Cleaning the display area and surroundings
Gently wipe the display area of the main unit with a dry, soft cloth. If parts other than the display or the storage case become dirty, wipe them with a soft cloth that has been soaked in water or diluted neutral detergent and wrung out.
*Do not use alkaline detergents or organic solvents for cleaning.
*When cleaning the touch panel, refer to the section on “temporary disabling” of touch panel operation in the instruction manual.

# How to store the product
Store the surveying instrument in a place with low humidity and a stable room temperature.

# Check the tripod and attached accessories
If the tripod is used for a long period of time, it may lose tightness due to loosening of the stone end or damage to the wing screw. Make sure to check and retighten each part from time to time,
and also check other accessories regularly.

# If there is malfunction or defect
If you think a foreign object has gotten into the rotating parts or screw parts of the instrument, or if you find water droplets or mold on the internal lens or reflective prism of the telescope, please contact your nearest sales office.

# Periodic inspections
Even if the surveying instrument is not used for a long period of time, please perform periodic inspections once every three months.
*To ensure the surveying instrument always maintains high accuracy, we recommend having it inspected by your local sales office once or twice a year.

About maintenanceAbout maintenance

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